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Screen Printing


Our Printing Journey

We have been in the custom apparel business since 2011. Formerly founding and selling a similar business, we wanted to get back to the basics of apparel decoration. With a slimmed down, simple approach, allowing us to offer the most cost effective, high quality apparel around. We offer hand selected blanks so that you don't have to look through hundreds of samples only to find the same handful of shirts that are already industry preferred. 

Another important component to the business is excellent and responsive customer service. Too often, other print shops push aside their customers for larger, more profitable orders and don't pick up the phone, or reply to email, because they want to "buy" a few more days on production. Teeosk will never be that way. You can call, text, or email us anytime. We will always get back to you. If there are issues, we will let you know and we will work diligently to resolve them. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality customer service paired with a high quality product.

Call or text us. See what we are all about.



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